If you’re a techie make a career as a Web Developer

With constant growth of web technology, being in web development is exciting!

  • Countless companies currently on the lookout for web developers
  • Average web developer in US earns up to $54,515
  • Certified web developers had a salary increase of 3.90% in 2018 and trend went upward in 2019 with 6.25%

9 Reasons to Choose Web Development as Your Career!

1. High Demand

Web developers are in high demand, and if you want to work as self-employed freelancer, contract employment, or full-time employee, you will get several jobs offering in web development.

2. Flexibility

Work from any location at any time including at home, making it a very flexible career choice in different areas of specialization, such as UX/UI, mobile development, image editing, and much more.

3. Endless Career Options

Online presence is a MUST for any organization, and they are looking for new methods to engage their customers is increasing; programs like a chatbot, automated artificial intelligence, and home assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Echo are created by web developers.

4. Constantly Evolving

Web development is steadily evolving with the internet, and there is always an opportunity to work with new tools and master new skills, keeping you engaged in your career.

5. Salary Structure

Web developers are high earners, according to a salary guide cited from the Creative Group, a web developer with three years’ experience can earn between $80,000 – $119,500 annually with a salary increase of 104.08%.

6. Education not required

Being a web developer doesn’t require any form of formal education, although having a degree in computer science is an added advantage, a lot of skill can be self-learned.

7. Becoming More Professional

Focusing on a single path like JavaScript, HTML, or CSS in web development lets you specialize in areas you enjoy and excel in them, eventually becoming a leader in that field.

8. Creativity

Developers are problem solvers and are well known for having excellent creativity skills. Choosing this career path will give you exclusive experience in enhancing your creativity.

9. Job Security

As the world moves towards a more tech-filled future, web developers are guaranteed to keep their jobs because of the high demand. According to statistics, programming languages might become more valuable than several traditional spoken languages.

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