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Easily balance coursework with your academic and professional priorities.

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Flexible training hours allow you to set your own learning pace.

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Start a successful IT career in cybersecurity knowing you’ve been well prepared.


How CyberSecurity Bootcamp Works

QuickStart's Cybersecurity Bootcamp prepares students for successful IT careers. We pride ourselves on helping students achieve their career goals by teaching them in-demand skills and certifications.




Learn Cybersecurity

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Enroll in Northeastern Illinois UniversityContinuing Education's Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Get your cybersecurity certifications to show employers and build your resume

Jumpstart your cybersecurity career with QuickStart's job placement program

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Rick Mischka

"Overall, the process was simple and straight forward regarding the class and plan for certifications. The team is there and quick to respond to your questions and get you ready for the courses. The course mentors and assistants were very helpful and available to answer questions, and they know the material very well. The bootcamp itself was heavy. A lot of modules and lab time, but very informative and useful for not only helping gain the information needed to pass the certification exam but also the world of cybersecurity."

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James Sennot

"To be very honest, I had no formal knowledge of cybersecurity or the initial grasp on how deep and far this program expands when it comes to knowing, doing, and exploring different avenues of the subject. But one thing is for sure, I had an absolute blast taking this bootcamp, and would recommend it to anyone looking to start a fresh path to a new career or job. I'm super impressed with the career services, as they really have helped me with resume building, exploring the job market, and good advice when looking for opportunities."


Cybersecurity Bootcamp Learning Experience



Learn with Capstone Projects


On-Demand Mentor Sessions


Job Services

Quickstart works with industry experts, hiring managers, and cybersecurity professionals to curate up-to-date curriculum. Your portfolio will be a collection of in-demand skills and proficiencies.

Meet with industry-expert mentors throughout your bootcamp experience.

QuickStart's job placement services will help you with resume building, mock interviews, and internship and job opportunities.


Choose Your Learning Track

Program Features

Immersive Cybersecurity

Flex Cybersecurity

Duration Immersive and flex bootcamps are 24 weeks long. Self-paced with mentoring takes 6–9 months depending on your learning pace. 24 weeks 24 weeks
Mentor-led Sessions Immersive bootcamps feature 2hr mentor session twice a week, flex bootcamps feature 2hr mentor session once a week, and self-paced with mentoring features four, 30min on-demand mentoring sessions. 2hr session, 2x per week 2hr session, 1x a week
Capstone projects Capstone projects will demonstrate the skills and knowledge you learned throughout bootcamp.
Career support QuickStart's job placement services help bootcamp graduates find a job in Cybersecurity. A career counselor will help you with resume building, mock interviews, and internships and job opportunities. 12-months access 12-months access
Hands-on labs Hands-on labs sharpen your skills and prepare you for real world scenarios.
Annual course access With any learning track, students have 12 months’ access to 100+ courses.
$8900 $6900

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Admissions Process

Get started with QuickStart's career assessment. It only takes 5 minutes, and there’s no fee! QuickStart's Admissions Board will review it and contact you as soon as possible. Click get started below.

You’ll interview with an Admissions Director to make sure Cybersecurity Bootcamp is the right fit. Payment options and career goals will also be covered, as well as any other questions or concerns you have.

Upon enrollment, you will receive non-required pre-course work to get a head start on your learning.

Begin learning new skills in Northeastern Illinois UniversityContinuing Education's Cybersecurity Bootcamp.


Job Placement Services

Flexible Payment Options

Real World Projects

Hands-On Labs


Cybersecurity Bootcamp Job Placement Services

QuickStart's bootcamp prepares you for an entry-level job in cybersecurity. Quickstart offers different services to help you find that first job, kickstarting your IT career in cybersecurity.

My career advisor is really helpful. He replies to the emails quickly, tries to understand the issues and helps in resolving that as soon as possible. Overall this bootcamp is really good and is a great step for beginners to learn programming languages. Deepa, CourseReport.com

Career Counseling

Get four, 30-minute sessions with a career counselor.

Get four, 30-minute sessions with a career counselor.

Interview Prep

Quickstart further prepare you for a successful cybersecurity career with mock interviews.

Quickstart further prepare you for a successful cybersecurity career with mock interviews.

Resume Building

Build your cybersecurity resume with the help of QuickStart's career counselors.

Build your cybersecurity resume with the help of QuickStart's career counselors.


Boost Your Earnings And Advance Your Career

Here are some career roles and the data depending on the location typically associated with cybersecurity bootcamp students, which can be obtained with their skillsets.

Jennifer Alton's Journey Through InfoSec

Check out a Jennifer's scenario of a real-world example of their Cybersecurity Bootcamp journey and what lead her to career readiness and even job promotion.

My Career Before Cybersecurity

"Before I signed up for the Cybersecurity Bootcamp, I worked as an entry level sales associate. The job was okay, but the money just wasn't there."

Finding Cybersecurity BootCamp

"When I ended up finding out about Cybersecurity, and how easy the bootcamp seemed to be, I reached out to an academic advisor for more information."

It Took Commitment And Obtainment

"After figuring out this was the right decision, I committed to one of the bootcamp options that fit my needs. I diligently took the courses, spoke with mentors, and started working towards obtaining certifications relevant for cybersecurity."

My New Career

"With guidance from career services, I was able to land a starting career as an entry level Security Analyst, but the pay was worth the time and effort compared to my old job!"


Cybersecurity BootCamp Course Overview

QuickStart's comprehensive cybersecurity bootcamp curriculum is designed to be multi-disciplinary and simultaneously serve training for certification exam prep. Students will learn about hardware, operating systems, networking, coding in python and will progress to penetration testing over the course of 24 weeks.

Module 1: Security Foundations/Fundamentals
Module 2: Network Security & Defense
Module 3: Risk Management
Module 4: Threats & Vulnerabilities
Module 5: Cryptography
Module 5: Introduction to Bootstrap
Plus several capstone projects, labs, and more!

Starting from the basics, you’ll strengthen the security fundamentals, allowing you to identify security threats and devising/implementing prevention strategies by creating a controlled and secure environment.

You’ll learn to help organizations take physical and software measures to protect their systems from unauthorized breaches by configuring secure platforms and ensuring a safe environment for computers and users on their networks.

You’ll target potential vulnerabilities and loopholes in a system and take cybersecurity measures to guard against attacks.

You will identify all modern types of attacks, including DDoS and security engineering attacks, to protect all kinds of devices.

You will design algorithms and ciphers that codify sensitive information and create a preventive layer around customer and company data.

You will identify, collect, analyze, and act on evidence that leads to a potential breach or cyber-attack.

This cybersecurity online bootcamp contains several other full featured modules of cybersecurity learning, capstone projects with a portfolio building exercise, and extensive online labs. Download the full syllabus for details.

Download Full Syllabus

Cybersecurity Bootcamp Certifications

This bootcamp prepares you for these official certifications.


Northeastern Illinois UniversityContinuing Education BootCamp FAQ's

What kind of bootcamps do you offer?

We offer cybersecurity, web development, data science, and cloud engineering bootcamps for immersive, standard, and self-paced learning tracks.

Do I have to stop working or studying if I join bootcamp?

No, our flexible training hours allow you to easily balance academic and professional priorities with bootcamp.

How much does bootcamp cost?

Self-paced bootcamps are $1,900, standard bootcamps are $4,000, and immersive bootcamps are $5,000-$8,900.

How long does bootcamp take to complete?

Self-paced bootcamps depend on your learning pace, but on average it takes 6-9 months to complete. For standard and immersive bootcamps, look here.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! We offer merit-based scholarships through QuickStart, Inc. Each application will be reviewed independently through our dedicated team at QuickStart. Bootcamp scholarships are not offered through Northeastern Illinois UniversityContinuing Education.

Are there any prerequisites?

Recommended prerequisites vary based on the bootcamp, but most commonly are basic programming, IT, and MS Excel skills.

Can I get a job in IT after graduating bootcamp?

Yes, our bootcamps prepare you for an entry-level job in IT. Additionally, our job placement services can help you find a job!

How many mentoring sessions are there?

Self-paced bootcamps offer five, 30-minute on-demand mentoring sessions. Standard bootcamps offer 1 hour mentoring sessions once a week, and immersive bootcamps offer 1 hour mentoring sessions twice a week.

Do you offer career counseling?

Yes, our career counselors will help you with resume building, mock interviews, and internship/job opportunities.

What is the refund policy?

In order to cancel enrollment and apply for a refund, you must notify a financial counselor and academic advisor in writing through an email. You will only receive a full tuition refund up to 7 days before the course start date. Deposits are non-refundable 6 days or fewer before the course start date. Once the course start date passes, you will be responsible for all tuition fees.

What are the system requirements for this bootcamp?

Students are required to have a Windows machine to attempt the labs. Our lab environment does not support the Apple M1 Chip.

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