UI/UX Design

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Why UI/UX Design?

As of January 2020, 1.94 billion+ websites have come into existence. With 4 million+ mobile apps available for download on Android and iOS combined, 4 billion+ people use the internet. People responsible for designing the visual, interactive elements for all of these websites and apps, while optimizing the User Experience are UI/UX Designers. Join the fraternity by enrolling today!

Acquire Top Skills

With a frequently updated curriculum, in line with the rapidly changing industry requirements, we ensure our students learn to acquire the top & most in-demand industry skills, through our courses.

Weekly Sessions with Expert Coaches

Weekly Dedicated Mentor sessions, with Industry experts, to guide you & answer your questions

Portfolio Development

Complete real-life projects that stimulate Industry challenges! Build Project Portfolio to impress prospective employers as you complete the In-Demand Certification!

Get Hired

Learn how to impress interviewers by showcasing your understanding of the field of UI/UX Design. Our students enjoy a massive employment rate.

What Will You Get?

A blend of theory & best industry practices, all to build a solid foundation by allowing you to apply your course learnings, to practical industry scenarios.

Module 1:

Basics of Design Processes & Techniques

Module 2:

UX Design

Module 3:

UI Design

Module 4:

MVP Development Methodologies

Module 5:

Project Management

Module 6:

Stakeholder Feedback & Acceptance

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A Field with Endless Possibilities

With 5K+ Job Openings in the US, UI/UX Design serves as one of the fastest growing fields in the US with a variety of career opportunities to choose from.

Potential Job

  • UX Visual Designer
  • UX Interaction Designer
  • UX Usability Analyst
  • Product Designer
  • User Research

Avg. starting Salary: $70K+

Coach Profile

Joseph Winters

With over 15 years of experience combined in UX, product ownership, visual techniques, branding, and strategies in the customer journey, Joseph's qualifications span across involvement and responsibility in highly granular and strategical applications in e-commerce platforms, technology integration points, and completely redefining the software platform experience.

Bootcamp Pricing

Upfront Payment

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Interest-Free Installments

You can pay in easy installments every month of the course or after.

1. Enrollment Fee $500 ($1,400 monthly, for 6 months).

2. Enrollment Fee $1,000 ($450 monthly, for 18 months)

Get a Loan Climb Credit

You may be eligible for third party student loans.

At the time of enrollment

$240 - $300 monthly, for 36 months
Interest will be 6.9-13.9%

How to apply for a Scholarship?

  • No minimum eligibility requirement
  • Each application will be reviewed by our admissions committee
  • Each application will be treated independently
  • Offered scholarship is not part of the university system

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