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  • Transact SQL
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  • Data Analytics
  • Descriptive Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Power BI

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Why Data Analytics

According to Forbes, daily data production is expected to increase 5 times by 2020 - which will cause a massive talent gap for data analytics job roles that offer one of the best salary ranges in the market. The industry provides a huge potential for career growth and with further training, you can move to senior roles to earn more.

Skill Up

Learn how to work with data analytics tools like R, Tableau, Qlik Sense, SAS analytics, and SQL. Our classes are tailored to prepare you for the challenges out there. You will learn how to collect, organize, and interpret data to add value to a business.

Real Life Cases

We offer hands-on training with real-life cases to build your expertise in the field. Our industry-recognized curriculum makes complex topics easier so you will gain the skills that employers want.

Work while you study

Our learning plan is tailored to fit your busy lifestyle. It allows you to acquire top industry skills while still holding your current job.

Support & Coaching

We ensure you are supported all through your journey towards becoming a data analyst. Our system is skewed to carry everyone along and offer mentorship to anyone lacking. We also provide live coaching sessions every week to review the progress.

What Will You Learn?

Upgrade your skills and accelerate your career with our dynamic data analytics Bootcamp. This program equips you with the skills required for the most cutting-edge jobs in the field of data analytics.

Study Plan

in Weeks

Course Name


Course 1: Data Analysis for Beginners

Learn the importance of data analysis methods.


Course 2: Essential Data Analysis Math Using Excel

A dive into the mathematics and statistical concepts.

3 – 4

Course 3: Data Visualization for Beginners

A detailed overview of data visualization and a primer on how organizational data can be presented in engaging ways.


Course 4: Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel

A detailed look into the practical usage of MS Excel including report design, pivot tables, building dashboards, and more.

6 – 7

Project 1: Practical Introduction

8 – 9

Course 5: Querying Data with Transact-SQL

Introduction to Transact SQL and querying data sets.

10 – 11

Project 2: Querying Data with Transact

Discover how malicious hackers attack systems and learn the tactics needed to thwart online attacks.

12 – 13

Course 6: Python - Absolute Beginner

Introduction to Python language and how the usage of Python language in the field of data science.

14 – 15

Course 7: Python – Fundamentals

Grasp the fundamental concepts of data analysis using Python.


Course 8: Data Analytics with Python and Pandas

Learn data analysis and visualization method using Python programming.

17 – 18

Course 9: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel

Advanced data analysis methods in MS Excel.

19 – 20

Course 10: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with power BI

Advanced manipulation of data using hands-on coding with Microsoft Power BI and developer APIs.

21 – 22

Project 3: Analyzing and visualizing Data with Power BI

23 – 24

Course 11: Analytics storytelling for Impact

Building engaging narratives around data using powerful analytics storytelling techniques.

25 – 26

Course 12: Applied Data Analysis Working in Organization and Industries

An industry-focused look into the application of data analytics and future career prospects.

27 – 28

Capstone Project: Working in organization and industries

NOTE: Windows Operating System would be required to use some of the tools included in the Program.

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Bootcamp Post-Graduate Support Program

Bootcamp graduates can choose from a career counselling or IT consultation training once they successfully complete their bootcamp. They can get a 12 months support in landing a qualifying job or learn to market themselves as IT consultants and start their own freelance career.


Our students find it easier to get job placements after completing the Bootcamp. We make learning so fun-filled and enticing that you would be working on real-life problems in no time. We train you on how to impress interviewers and get your favorite job position.

Potential Job

  • Data Analyst
  • Financial Analyst 
  • Business Insights Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Analyst 
  • Marketing Analyst

Expected salary range: $60K to $110K

Source payscale.com

Coach Profile

Fahim Uddin

Fahim Uddin is a PhD in Computer Science with Machine Learning and Data Science in focus. He has over 15+ years of experience in IT including, but not limited to, as .NET Developer and SQL SERVER Admin/Developer and Business Intelligence. He has over 10+ years of teaching experience as an Adjunct Faculty. His research areas include: Reinforcement Learning, Artificial Consciousness (AC), Machine Learning and Cybersecurity.

Bootcamp Pricing

Pay Upfront

Pay all at once to enjoy a discount

Original Price: $6,400



Interest-Free Installments

You can pay in easy installments every month of the course or after.

1. Enrollment Fee $400 ($1,500 monthly, for 4 months)

2. Enrollment Fee $1,000 ($300 monthly, for 18 months)

Get a Loan Climb Credit

You may be eligible for third party student loans.

At the time of enrollment

$240 - $300 monthly, for 36 months
Interest will be 6.9-13.9%

What to apply for a Scholarship?

  • No minimum eligibility requirement
  • Each application will be reviewed by our admissions committee
  • Each application will be treated independently
  • Offered scholarship is not part of the university system

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Schedule a call with our Admissions team or email Sophia, our Admissions Manager, who will help you think through the decision.

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