Web development in 2020; what I need to know

The web ecosystem is changing with new trends and technologies shaping the environment that web developers operate within. As the web development era progresses each year is market by a significant feature that is added into the web development framework, one year is marked by static websites followed by mobile friendly apps, and another still by chat bots or targeted lead forms.

Companies cannot keep up with these changes all by themselves and that’s where a web developer comes in. When you decide to learn coding it is important to be not discouraged by advancing changes and keep up with them. Web developer need to upskill constantly in order to stay relevant with the emerging market, let us explore some upcoming web development trends that will shape the world in 2020.

Emerging web development trends in 2020:

1.   Online Support/ Chat bots

Businesses are extremely competitive these days and there is no shortage of options for a customer. If a website fails to capture the customer’s attention instantly there are high chances that a customer will just bounce off from the website. This is where chat bots come in handy, chat bots basically offer 24/7 assistance to customer, depending on how advanced they are chat bots can answer one liner questions or entire queries.

When you are going to learn coding chat bots make sure you grasp the basics first, chat bots these days typically use advanced machine learning algorithms and are based on Javascript frameworks like Angular.

2.   Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps is relatively new term in the web development ecosystem what a PWA actually does is to create a mobile identical version of an app that can be rendered in your web browser. Progressive web apps have become immensely popular in a very short period of time, you prime example of this would be Instacart. When you over go Instacart’s website you seem to get the desktop version of their mobile app which is not actually the case, PWA’s can embedded advanced functionalities into static website and are popular because the user doesn’t have to install an app just to use it.

Thus it is no surprise that progressive web apps will be trending in 2020, if you want to learn coding PWA’s checkout our coding bootcamp where we teach advance JS frameworks like Angular and React which are used in developing PWA’s.

3.   Motion User Interface

The web ecosystem has evolved so much over the years, from a UI perspective it is not enough to have good typography and visual balance. Motion design has become an integral part of UI/UX development these days. Studies have indicated that using animated motion interfaces increases user interactivity which ultimately translate into revenue.

Motion interface development is moving fast, each day there is a new animation plugin allowing to integrate all kinds of rich animated elements into your web interface. If you want to learn coding advanced motion interfaces be sure you have solid JavaScript training including some popular frontend libraries as well.

4.   Responsive Web Design

Don’t be surprised by seeing responsive web design in the list, we all know that responsive web development has been around for almost a decade now but each day new frameworks are being launched looking to make mobile first approach as easy as possible.

So for an individual who is looking to learn coding it is important to you focus of responsive web design by opting for a mobile first approach from the start. Bootstrap is currently the most popular front-end framework that is built with mobile first approach, make sure to check it out.

5.  Voice Search

This should not come as a surprise, we have all used an app at some point that offers a voice bases search option. Digital voice assistants are becoming immensely popular these days, the main reason being affordable to implement. All smartphones have built in mics that you just have to leverage. The most important reason why voice search is picking up pace is because of accessibility, many seniors or blind people cannot rely on typing alone, voice searches come in handy here, anybody can search for anything by just saying the relevant keywords.

Voice search operate on complex machine and audio learning algorithms, typically made in python.

6.  Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google took the mobile user interface to the next level by introducing AMP technology, AMP was launched in 2015 but is still considered as an emerging trend. AMP basically encourages you to develop minimal mobile versions of website that offer a seamless user experience on mobile devices. AMP based built offer a 90% faster load time than conventional non-AMP websites.

AMP based mobile pages are particularly popular when it comes to e-commerce websites, since e-commerce pages have a lot of dynamic information to fetch it puts a halt on the user experience. With AMP you can perform the same operations better user experience.

7.  API-First Development

The digital ecosystem is wide spread and it is simply not enough to have all your services at one platform. All big tech services operate over multiple platforms like web, desktop, android and iOS applications. This is where API-first development comes in, with API’s you can transfer data from one hosting or database to multiple platforms at once. Once the data is fetched the app can perform functions on it independently.

The conventional API development cycle is as follows:

  1. Research team creates a design.
  2. Back-end developers work on a prototype of data structure.
  3. As soon as the prototype is ready, front-end developers get access to it.
  4. In case of a bug, new feature, or any improvement this cycle will be repeated all over again.

How web development will evolve in the future?

Web programming has come a long way from writing code in jQuery to React JS, we are now moving towards advanced web modules like ES components.  Web development will probably involve less coding and more planning in the future, because of the surge of technology there are apps to everything 10 years ago you needed a team of developers to create a lead form where are now you can get one for free, put the need to plan data flow will always be there.

If you have just started to learn coding its best that create a learning mindset from the start. Web ecosystem will keep evolving and we have to evolve with it.