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Data Science

  1. How To Become A Data Scientist

    How To Become A Data Scientist

    In this 21st century, one can arguably submit to the fact that Data Science is the next big hit in terms of career. In our high-tech-driven world, almost everyone has pressing issues which need urgent fix by “big data."
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  2. The Best Blogs Every Data Analyst Should Follow

    The Best Blogs Every Data Analyst Should Follow

    There are several resources out there that every data analyst must make use of. The journey to becoming a data analyst is not easy, and one would require all the help that is available by professionals, masters or researchers of the field.
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  3. data science certification training

    Presentation Tips to Improve Your Data Science Communication Skills

    Communication is very essential in data science. When an individual completes his/her data science certification training and embarks on a project, the first step is to ask, “what value it will be adding to the project owner”. Data science requires the technical know-how to acquire data, target the relevant data and analyze the data, knowing the value it will add to the project owners streamlines the goal of the data scientist. Having a set goal and knowing the value that will be added by the project avails the data scientist the ease of explaining the process to non-data scientists.
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  4. Difference Between Data Science and Data Analytics

    Difference Between Data Science and Data Analytics

    Can you imagine a world without data? Yes? No? Well, whichever the case may be, data is invaluable. It has always been a key factor in basically everything that has to do with running the world. Today, most if not all result-driven activity demands a certain amount of data to be processed and of course, without data, the world might be stuck in the stone age. This is precisely why data science and data analytics jobs are high in demand — they're undoubtedly two of the hottest jobs in tech. Yes, top companies are always on the lookout for seasoned professionals (in the field) who can work their magic and help them parse through large datasets to drive incredible results.

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  5. Who is a Data Analyst?

    Who is a Data Analyst?

    A Data Analyst is a person who obtains, examines, and conducts a geometric interpretation of data to get substantial results.

    These days, companies receive a large amount of data daily that is very useful in optimizing their strategy if correctly analyzed. To fully understand information obtained from the massive data acquired, they require the services of an individual who has gone through professional data analytics training.

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