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Web Development Team Lead: Zsolt Nagy

Zsolt  Nagy
Zsolt Nagy
Web Development Team Lead

Zsolt Nagy is a web development team lead, mentor, and software engineer living in Berlin, Germany. One of his well-recognized pieces of work is “ES6 in Practice” which covers the complete developer’s guide. He has a unique blend of experience in developing web projects and software consultancy with a proven track record of 15 years. He currently leads a Frontend Engineering team at Sociomantic Labs and mentors 10 leads and 35 software developers. He also has expertise in establishing processes, elements of Kanban, and structuring reporting lines.

  1. Web development areas; how to narrow down my career choice

    Web development areas; how to narrow down my career choice

    Web development is an extremely diverse profession, depending on the specialization one web developer may find his job role completely different from his peer. This variety is because of the advancing web technologies being launched and updated by the day, because of web development being a vast domain responsibilities have been divided into separate professions to dilute the learning curve for individuals. The most prominent areas used to categorized web development are; Front end web development, back end web development. In this article we will weigh these options against one another so you can choose the appropriate web developer certification and make a well informed career decision.
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  2. Basics of web development

    Basics of Web Development

    Every website no matter how basic or complex only compromises over a bunch of files saved over an online storage space called the server, we connect with the server through the internet. Once the connection is made the web browser fetches these stored files into the computer so we can see them. This is pretty much how a website works.

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  3. Launch your career as a web developer

    Launch your career as a web developer

    Web development can be defined as the process of converting layouts designed by web designers into functional websites. Web development can be split into three categories.
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  4. Web development in 2020; what I need to know

    Web development in 2020; what I need to know

    The web ecosystem is changing with new trends and technologies shaping the environment that web developers operate within. As the web development era progresses each year is market by a significant feature that is added into the web development framework, one year is marked by static websites followed by mobile friendly apps, and another still by chat bots or targeted lead forms.
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  5. Is web development bootcamp worth it?

    Is web development bootcamp worth it?

    For any type for business, having a website is more important than anything, when it comes to reaching out to clients online. An website is basically the representation of the business online. These days, each e-commerce realizes importance of having a website and are putting in efforts to design and develop the most excellent web experiences for taking their products or success online. This is often where we are able see an incredible bargain of scope for web development as a career. With the colossal advance within the dispatch of websites, individuals who can plan and execute these web related tasks are exactly what businesses are looking for. Web engineers and architects are bringing in all of their specialized mastery and abilities to create and interesting plan websites that are and competent of pulling audiences from around the globe.
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  6. The 7 most essential Fronted web development tools

    The 7 most essential Fronted web development tools

    The websites that we see today didn't exist ten years into the past, what made all of this possible? It is certain that modern technology has to be given some sort of credit for this but above all it is possible due to the latest versions of web development tools. Using the latest libraries and other dedicated functions of the web development tools we have come across a distance in a glorious way. Not only today’s websites load quickly but also their core functioning has improved a lot over the years.
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  7. What are the must have tools for web development?

    What are the must have tools for web development?

    Web development is without a doubt a diverse field that demands a lot from the professionals. First of all it is important for the professionals pursuing a career within web development to have some dedicated knowledge in IT, networking, security, coding, programming and system monitoring resources at the very beginning. But for those who have already come around all these hurdles, a specific set of tools is a must-have for them. This way, not only the developers can attend to coding with a peace of mind but also sharpen their skills in a rigorous and consistent environment.
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