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Cybersecurity Instructor; Christopher Miller

Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller
Cybersecurity Instructor

Christopher Miller has 7 years of experience in the STEM and IT field, particularly with high school and colleges. Working with FIRST, an NGO that designs accessible, innovative programs that motivate young people to pursue education and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math, while building self-confidence, knowledge, and life skills – he has spent the past 3 years with AmeriCorps VISTA member where he instructs teachers in low income and underrepresented areas on how to build and run new self-sufficient programs.

His responsibilities as an instructor includes working on robotics. Teaching, designing, wiring, building, troubleshooting networking issues, and programing robots. Know more about him and his insights by following this blog.

  1. Cybersecurity in 2020; what do I need to know

    Cybersecurity in 2020; what do I need to know

    2019 has seen cybersecurity issues immovably take their hold within the news, both for the innovation industry and the common businesses. Whereas organizations are progressively becoming aware of the significance of cybersecurity, most are battling to define and execute the specified security measures. From information breaches and IT security staff deficiencies to security mechanization and integration – let’s take a speedy look at top cybersecurity patterns that are likely to shape the cybersecurity scene in 2020.
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  2. How to launch your career in Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity areas; how to narrow down my career choice

    In this modern age the world relies on technology more than ever and this reliance will only increase over time. As a result of this rapid digitalization data creation has seen an immense surge. Now both private and government organizations rely heavily on data communication and networks but systems have vulnerabilities as well, upon exploitation these systems can come under heavy outside influence which may lead to huge of amount of losses. Data theft is a disastrous scenario for any organization and companies are working round the clock to enhance their security protocols and make the web a safe place to do business in.
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  3. How to launch your career in Cybersecurity

    How to launch your career in Cybersecurity

    In this age of modern technology the market is becoming more competitive than ever, as more businesses are switching towards digital platforms. But what we need to understand is this, the more advanced technology becomes the more vulnerable it gets. The ultimate concern of any online business owner is security, what will you do in case of a cyber-attack or when your data gets stolen? This is where cybersecurity professionals come in. Cybersecurity professionals are information security engineers responsible for building safety protocols with in web applications.
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  4. Is Cybersecurity Bootcamp worth it?

    Is Cybersecurity Bootcamp worth it?

    Cybersecurity has evolved from being an innovation to getting direct locked in with the e-commerce framework and advancement. If you think of any industry there is a requirement for cybersecurity proficient individuals there nowadays. For budgetary administrations, aviation firms, defense, government organizations, e-commerce, advanced benefit organization, cybersecurity professional are everywhere.
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  5. Basic of Cybersecurity

    Basics of Cybersecurity; Its Scope, In-demand Jobs, and Tips to Land Them

    Cybersecurity, the term in itself sometimes tends to scare people away, some say it sounds a bit outdated but that is far from the truth. Cybersecurity is changing fast, as the digital ecosystem becomes more and more important for business around the world the need to identify and eliminate threats is bound to increase exponentially.
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  6. What is risk management in cyber security?

    What is risk management in cyber security?

    Risk management, without any doubt is a very cherished concept among the line ups of industries, companies, specifically in IT related settings. It has been around for too long now but it wasn’t until a few years back that the companies really started to give it some understanding and focus. As life insurance, medical and legal claims are designed to protect people from undivided focus, risk management also tends to serve a similar purpose. It is designed for businesses, companies and IT related settings to make sure that they can’t be breached or violated in any way possible, even if the need to shovel some financial resources into the mix arises.
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  7. Are cyber security certifications worth it?

    Are cyber security certifications worth it?

    This isn’t a very peculiar question at all even if some of the readers were thinking if it was. It is human nature to spectate and research about anything they are going to spend their time or money over. So, if anything it is probably good that you asked this question long before you indulged yourself into one of the cybersecurity certifications. Without any doubt the cyber security certifications are worth your time and money and there are plenty of reasons claiming this theory. At first acquiring new certifications confirm before the employers that you have kept yourself busy over acquiring new skills and the certifications and that you carry the skills verifying that claim.
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  8. 5 Emerging Cyber-Threats To Worry About In 2020

    5 Emerging Cyber-Threats To Worry About In 2020

    One of the areas of top concerns in this modern world of technology is cybersecurity. Take, for instance, a lot of cybersecurity damages that were recorded in 2018, and there were security defects in billions of microchips as well as widespread data violations. Other top cybersecurity concerns are attacks using harmful software, which are capable of locking down computer systems until their owners pay some amount as ransom.
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